We cannot do this alone! | Thank you for helping us out!

Anand|Jeevan Deep is a small organisation. We are not world-changers, but we do our bit to make it better for a few. Every time we see a smile on the face of a child in Bodhgaya, we feel rewarded. But let us not risk this smile to go wry. We are on a tight budget and we do need your help. 

[1] Become a Private Sponsor by sending your donation to IBAN BE61 7785 9067 7717 - BIC GKCC BE BB, ANAND vzw,  Duboisstraat 43 bus 10,  2060 ANTWERPEN.

[2] Become a Friend of Jeevan Deep: ask your bank to make a monthly payment to Anand. Even the smallest amount is a warm and welcome gesture!

[3] Join bvba Francis Laleman, Maror nv and bvba Project Assistance, and become a Corporate Sponsor: Contact jerry.meuris@telenet.be for details.